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LOUIS G FRIEDMAN dga, pga   

Order from Chaos

Comprehensive skill-set in the business, strategy, preparation, logistics & physical execution of global motion picture production.  Proficient EP-MovieMagic™ budgeting/scheduling, personnel, payroll, domestic/international locations, maximizing local infrastructure, investment tax credits, cash rebates, foreign exchange.  Extensive database.  Executive supervision features/television.   United States – United Kingdom – Mexico – Canada – Bahamas – Australia – New Zealand – India – Indonesia – South Africa 


Bloodshot – Sony Pictures – Dir: Dave Wilson

Patriots’ Day – Lionsgate Films – Dir: Peter Berg

Blood & Oil – ABC-TV – Dir: Jonas Pate (Producer – pilot)

Lone Survivor – Universal Pictures – Dir: Peter Berg

2 Guns –  Universal Pictures –  Dir:  Baltasar Kormakur (add’l photography)

American Reunion – Universal Pictures – Dir: Jon Hurwitz / Hayden Schlossberg

Invisible Man – Universal Pictures – Dir David Goyer (3D test)

Piranha – Dimension Films – Dir: Alex Aja

X-Men Origins: Wolverine – 20th Century Fox –  Dir:  Gavin Hood

Accepted– Universal Pictures – Dir: Steve Pink

Into the Blue – MGM Pictures – Dir:  John Stockwell

Kicking and Screaming – Universal Pictures – Dir:  Jesse Dylan (add’l photography)

Along Came Polly – Jersey Films – Dir:  John Hamburg (add’l photography)

American Wedding – Universal Pictures – Dir:  Jesse Dylan

Blue Crush – Imagine Entertainment – Dir: John Stockwell

How High – Jersey Films – Dir:  Jesse Dylan

American Pie – Universal Pictures – Dir:  Chris Weitz / Paul Weitz

Slackers – Screen Gems – Dir:  Dewey Nicks

Munchies – MGM Pictures – Dir:  Eric Kripke (prep)

The Third Wheel – Miramax Pictures – Dir: Jordan Brady

JAG – Paramount Television – Dir: Don Bellisario / various

Just the Ticket – United Artists – Dir:  Richard Wenk (add’l photography)

Gun – ABC Television – Dir:  James Sadwidth

Hexed – Columbia Pictures – Dir: Alan Spencer

Cherry 2000 – Orion Pictures – Dir: Steve DeJarnatt (add’l photography)

From Here To Maternity – Home Box Office – Dir:  Tom Schiller (Producer)

Canadian Bacon – Polygram Filmed Entertainment – Dir:  Michael Moore (prep)

Fallen Angels – Mirage Entertainment – Dir:  Phil Joanou / Jonathan Kaplan


         The Morning Show – Apple TV+ – Dir: Mimi Leder

Identify Thief – Universal Pictures – Dir: Seth Green (add’l photography)

The Office – NBC Television – Dir: various

The Cat in the Hat – Imagine Entertainment – Dir:  Bo Welch (add’l photography)

Godzilla – Tri-Star Pictures – Dir: Jan de Bont (prep)

Music From Another Room – MGM Pictures – Dir: Charles Peters (add’l photography)

Applewood 911 – 20th Century Fox Television – Dir: Penelope Spheeris

Dream Lover – Polygram Filmed Entertainment – Dir: Nicholas Kazan

Blood Ties –  20th Century Fox Television – Dir: Jim McBride

Graffiti Bridge – Warner Bros -Dir: Prince (add’l photography)

Sounds Kinda Risky – New Century Vista – Dir: Jim Spencer

Tummy Trouble – Walt Disney Feature Animation -Dir: Frank Marshall

Dance Til Dawn – NBC Television – Dir: Paul Schneider

Priscilla at Graceland – Showtime Entertainment – Dir:  Steve Binder

Return of the Jedi – Lucasfilm Ltd – Dir: Richard Marquand (Yuma Arizona)  *


Titanic – 20th Century Fox – Dir: James Cameron  *

Starship Troopers -Tri-Star Pictures – Dir: Paul Verhoeven  *

Raiders of the Lost Ark – Lucasfilm Ltd – Dir: Steven Spielberg  *

The Empire Strikes Back – Lucasfilm Ltd – Dir: Irvin Kershner (post)  *

C3PO /R2D2 On Sesame Street | At the Boston Pops – Lucasfilm Ltd

Bad Influence – Epic Productions – Dir:  Curtis Hanson

Vice President Production – Richard and Esther Shapiro Entertainment


Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom – Lucasfilm Ltd – Dir: Steven Spielberg  *

More American Graffiti – Lucasfilm Ltd – Dir: BWL Norton

         LA Law – 2oth Century Fox – Dir:  various

B.A. University of California, Davis – Cum Laude – Dramatic Art

AMPAS Academy Award Winner  *